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 About Nano Flashlights -

As camping and 4x4 enthusiasts, we love being outdoors and off the grid. However, we soon realised that the flashlights we were always lugging around were too heavy and that their batteries would run flat at the worst times. So, relying on personal experience, we decided to craft a small rechargeable torch light that we could charge quickly, that would fit on our keychains, and that had offered enough lumens for any purpose. We now stock and sell what we believe is the ideal flashlight version for both outdoors and emergency uses.


Nano Flashlights have emerged as one of the most useful, compact LED flashlights available on the market today, providing an astonishingly bright shine for a flashlight measuring only a few centimetres. In fact, it shines up to 17 times as brightly (700 lumens) as your average mobile phone flashlight, and it lasts much longer.

Have you ever been stuck in the dark and had to depend on your mobile phone’s flashlight to find your way? If you are looking for a convenient, compact, bright, and durable flashlight, look no further. While a mobile phone flashlight can be handy, it is not very bright, and it doesn’t do you any favours in terms of preserving your phone’s battery life.


At Nano Flashlights we have innovated by adding a CREE LED Diode that lasts up to 50,000+ hours, with up to 700 lumens of power from the lens and a beam impact of up to 109 meters. We have also designed and implemented a new 330 mAh rechargeable lithium battery that lasts for up to 66 hours, Nano Flashlights are robust enough to power up an entire campsite all night long!

Our Weather-proof IP66 flashlights can withstand a 1.5m impact drop; Nano is your ideal companion for your craziest outdoor adventures.

All our Nano Flashlight Series come with a 2-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.


Benefits of the Nano Flashlights Series –


A reliable flashlight can make a world of difference and provide exceptional quality of life when the time is right. We always strive to clearly explain the benefits of having one of our flashlights to our customers so that they know what to expect even before buying anything. Consider the following reasons we believe a small pocket torch from us is the right choice:

  • Our torches are 17 times more potent than an iPhone flashlight. One of the most critical aspects of our design process was to make a small bright torch that packs a serious punch. We can confidently say that we succeeded. Our torches are powerful enough to replace any large flashlight you currently rely on to light up your home or provide sharp vision at night. Looking at the numbers, our flashlights produce light up to 109 metres at up to 700 raw lumens. That’s more than enough light for most situations.
  • Our torches are the ideal size for keychains. The most frequent problem with powerful flashlights today is that they are often seriously bulky. It’s hard to carry a large flashlight around with you, which is why we wanted to make our flashlights small enough to fit on a keychain. The size means that it never takes up any space and can always accommodate you as a powerful emergency light source.
  • You never have to concern yourself with batteries again. One of the remarkable features of our flashlights is that they come with a micro-USB charging cable. It’s as simple as leaving your flashlight plugged in for a charge before you go off to your destination. All our models carry a 320 mAh battery which can provide up to 66 hours of runtime when used with our Nano A5x on its lowest setting. You get all the juice you need, and you never have to worry about buying batteries for your flashlights again.
  • Our flashlights even come with different operational modes. If you’re looking for a flashlight with variety, ours will fit the bill. Each of our flashlights come with a momentary mode that keeps the flashlight on while you hold the button, as well as a constant mode that works the same as ordinary flashlights. They also have a switch that allows you to toggle the flashlight's brightness and an emergency flash mode to help you attract attention during an emergency.


Specific Features of Our Pocket Flashlights -


We offer our nano flashlights in three models, each with its own unique features. All the flashlights are the same in terms of illumination capabilities, so the different models and designations do not denote better or worse but simply value-added features. A two-year warranty fully covers all models against defects.


  • Nano A1x. Our most popular model of the mini torch has a casing made from polyamide plastic and is available in three sensible colours: grey, military green and black. The torch is slightly larger than an AA battery and weighs a minuscule 16.8 grams, which makes it light enough to add to the ring of your car key fob.
  • Nano A3 Pro. The Nano A3 Pro is our brightest model and has a beautiful outer casing made from 7075 aluminium alloy and is available in anodised desert tan colour. The battery lasts about 40 hours on the lowest setting. This model is our heaviest flashlight at 20 grams, but we're sure you'll accept the trade-off between additional weight and the stylish durability of aluminium. The Nano A3 Pro also utilises a different lens and produces 50 lumens brighter than the other Nano models for a total of 700 lumens on high.
  • Nano A5x. This fun little model has an outer casing made from glow-in-the-dark polyamide material and features a UV and an amber sidelight, which is perfect for campers cooking BBQ’s or hanging the Nano A5x from their tent. On the lowest setting, the battery lasts for 66 hours. The Nano A5x uses the exact same lens and LED Diode as the Nano A1x, as detailed above.
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