brightest nano flashlight on the market!

The nano series flashlights can reach up to 109 meters at 700 raw lumens, they are able to achieve this with our latest engineered CREE XP-G3 LED diode, that lasts up to 50,000+ hours and can withstand a 1.5m impact drop and is IP65 resistant. All our Nano Series Flashlights come with a 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Nano Models Explained -

Nano A1x. Our most popular model of the mini torch has a casing made from polyamide plastic and is available in three sensible colours: grey, military green and black. The torch is slightly larger than an AA battery and weighs a minuscule 16.8 grams, which makes it light enough to add to the ring of your car key fob.

Nano A3 Pro. The Nano A3 Pro is our brightest model and has a beautiful outer casing made from 7075 aluminium alloy and is available in anodised desert tan colour. The battery lasts about 40 hours on the lowest setting. This model is our heaviest flashlight at 20 grams, but we're sure you'll accept the trade-off between additional weight and the stylish durability of aluminium. The Nano A3 Pro also utilises a different lens and produces 50 lumens brighter than the other Nano models for a total of 700 lumens on high.

Nano A5x. This fun little model has an outer casing made from glow-in-the-dark polyamide material and features a UV and an amber sidelight, which is perfect for campers cooking BBQ’s or hanging the Nano A5x from their tent. On the lowest setting, the battery lasts up to 66 hours. The Nano A5x uses the exact same lens and LED Diode as the Nano A1x, as detailed above.

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