Never Be Caught Without A Flashlight Again

How often have you struggled in the dark looking for a flashlight or even just a box of matches? Too many times. Do you know that you can attach a tiny flashlight to your key chain and always have the brightest illumination immediately available? Well, read on and find out about our marvellous little flashlights and why you need one right now.

Common Features of Our Micro Flashlights

The rule is that when you find a design that works, then you stick with that design throughout your whole range. We did precisely that with our mini flashlights. The extensive list of features common to all our flashlights is presented below so you can find out for yourself why they are an indispensable accessory.

  • The non-replaceable battery is designed to last the entire 50,000-hour lifespan of the LED and is charged using a standard micro-USB port. We include a quality Micro USB cable with each flashlight, so you can easily plug it into any USB port on your computer or the charging ports in your car or use any old mobile phone charger. Charging time is about 70 minutes, and a small warning light indicates when it is time for a recharge and when its fully charged.
  • All the models use the same 320mAh battery and the latest CREE LED technology, which generates about 650 to 700 lumens of light depending on the specific model. The torch can illuminate objects as far as 109 metres away on the highest brightness setting for up to two minutes. (This extreme power from the tiny torch can also be used for self-defence, which is why you must take care not to shine the light into people's eyes).
  • The intensity of the light projection can be cycled through ultra-low, low, medium and high. The flashlight also offers several modes of operation, including momentary-on high while the switch is being pressed, constant-on at a preset intensity and an energy flashing mode. Ultra-low is about 2 lumens, enough to read a book in the car without disturbing the driver and equal to moonlight, which can last up to 66 hours!
  • All our models of flashlights are rated at least IP65, which means that they can be used in the most inclement weather without fear of failure for up to eight hours. The flashlight can also withstand a straight impact drop of up to 1.5 metres. It makes our Nano Flashlights the perfect companion for hikers, off-roaders and office adventurers.
  • Our flashlights are sold with a stainless steel keychain ring and a reversible pocket clip. The clip is designed not only to keep the flashlight in your pocket but also to clip it to the peak of a cap, thereby creating an instant headlight and freeing your hands for more important tasks.

Specific Features of Our Pocket Flashlights

We offer our nano flashlights in three models, each with its own unique features. All the flashlights are the same in terms of illumination capabilities, so the different models and designations do not denote better or worse but simply value-added features. A two-year warranty fully covers all models against defects.

  • Nano A1x. Our most popular model of the mini torch has a casing made from polyamide plastic and is available in three sensible colours: grey, military green and black. The torch is slightly larger than an AA battery and weighs a minuscule 16.8 grams, which makes it light enough to add to the ring of your car key fob.
  • Nano A3 Pro. The Nano A3 Pro is our brightest model and has a beautiful outer casing made from 7075 aluminium alloy and is available in anodised desert tan colour. The battery lasts about 40 hours on the lowest setting. This model is our heaviest flashlight at 20 grams, but we're sure you'll accept the trade-off between additional weight and the stylish durability of aluminium. The Nano A3 Pro also utilises a different lens and produces 50 lumens brighter than the other Nano models for a total of 700 lumens on high.
  • Nano A5x. This fun little model has an outer casing made from glow-in-the-dark polyamide material and features a UV and an amber sidelight, which is perfect for campers cooking BBQ’s or hanging the Nano A5x from their tent. On the lowest setting, the battery lasts for 66 hours. The Nano A5x uses the exact same lens and LED Diode as the Nano A1x, as detailed above.

Benefits of Using a Nano Flashlights EDC Torch

It should be clear by now that our micro torches offer the most outstanding illumination level in the smallest possible package. However, still, we can go on about the benefits of our flashlights for everybody, from extreme outback hikers to IT guys. So here are these benefits:

  • The flashlights are perfect gifts, and we have several bundled offers available that can be purchased to equip the whole family with a suitable daily use and emergency flashlight. Either buy a specific model in packs of two or three or purchase the popular variety packs where you get one of each model at an incredible price.
  • As avid outdoor adventurers, we extensively field-tested several designs and finally settled on the three models we now offer for sale. These offer the best in function, style and durability. We are happy to pass our knowledge and experience about flashlights on to you as technology advances and improvements can be made to our excellent flashlights.
  • We post your flashlights to any place in Australia, and orders from most countries worldwide are accepted. For AUS orders, we accept Afterpay as a convenient option to easily finance the acquisition of our handy torches.

Nano Flashlights sells three models of carefully designed EDC pocket torches that are the perfect companion on your key chain and will be right there when you are stranded in the dark or need to peer into a gloomy cabinet. The flashlights are weather-resistant and don't mind a little mud and rain, but they feel just as comfortable in a stylish handbag. Why wait until the next dark hour before ordering your new flashlight? Instead, be prepared and get one now.

Check out the bundles on our web shop or contact us if you have any specific queries about our flashlights.

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